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Whitney's Blog

Read the latest from Whitney's blog. Her motto: "Love is a lifestyle. Love what you do and do what you love!" Find out how she manages work and life while running a talk show and being a newlywed.




Where's Whitney

Whitney Reynolds

My fall schedule is out and I'm excited to be coming to a city near you! Each event below is near and dear to my heart. From taping our new season, to speaking at my alma mater this schedule excites me! So grab your calendar and I hope to see you at one of these events!

8/29 Chicago Fashion Fest- (CHICAGO) This is a weekend full of style and fun. Elated to be emceeing several fashion shows and having a booth for my jewelry, Accessory Mercado. Stop by and see what looks are trending this fall (PLUS everything is under $50.00) Location 1950 W. Division Street.



8/29 The Madhatter's Ball- (CHICAGO) I love getting dressed up for a good cause! Join me as we set sail on the high seas with the Lookingglass Theatre Junior Board! The group's fundraiser, the Madhatter’s Ball, is a high-profile event unlike any other. Proceeds from The Madhatter’s Ball support Lookingglass’ Education and Community programs, which encourage creativity, teamwork and confidence for thousands of community members each year. Get tickets here-

I recently had them on my radio segment, "Whitney's Women" (103.5 KissFM, 93.9 MyFM and BIG 95.5) and wanted to share this night of fun with my fans. I'm GIVING AWAY two tickets. Simply TWEET @WhitneyReynolds and tell us why you should come with!

The Whitney Reynolds Show

9/10 Heels For Meals- (INDIANA) My mom has always participated in Meals on Wheels, so being asked to emcee an event for them MADE MY HEART SMILE! This organization funds programs that support home bound seniors and people with disabilities, allowing them to continue to live independently in their own homes, with dignity and self-respect.

As you can see from the name it's going to be a night of high heels and fun!

The Whitney Reynolds Show

9/17 Professional Women's Conference- (INDIANA) Calling all ladies who want to take their business to the next level. Come to a day full of advice and learning, PLUS- PBS President/CEO Paula Kerger will be the keynote speaker. BIG THANKS to Lakeshore Public Television for asking me to emcee, it's a true honor to spend the day with other ladies in business!

Whitney Reynolds

9/24 A Night With Whitney Reynolds- (HIGHWOOD, IL) Excited to share my TV journey with live audience. MORE INFO on this event coming soon.

9/26 Out Of Darkness Walk- (CHICAGO) Suicide claimed 41,149 lives in 2013 in the United States alone, with someone dying by suicide every 12.8 minutes. A suicide attempt is made every minute of every day, resulting in nearly one million attempts made annually. On 9/26 I am walking to save lives and I'd like you to join. ( Also check out AFSP on our fall series of The Whitney Reynolds Show.

The Whitney Reynolds

9/27 Be Healthful Retreat- (Chicago) Speaking about "Being The Healthiest YOU!" TICKETS- ( We will also have our jewelry at this event!

Whitney Reynolds

10/1 Baylor University Women's Council Fall Luncheon- (DALLAS) Emceeing The Baylor University Women's Council (Dallas) Fall Luncheon. Having graduated from Baylor in 2007 this is a huge honor. Ticket info COMING SOON.



10/23 Dress For Success Breakfast- (CHICAGO) MORE DETAILS COMING SOON

10/26 NEW fall season of The Whitney Reynolds Show-  (Chicago/ The Quad Cities/ TOPICS- Food Allergies, Plus Size Movement, Women In Sports, Suicide Prevention, Rising To The Top, A Life Story and Perinatal Loss.

I hope to meet you at one of these events or in your living room this fall! Much love and see you soon. Xx -Whitney


Sweet Home Chicago

Whitney Reynolds

Welcome to our new home! Earlier this month we made a big decision, to buy our future family home. We started the journey back in February and finally in June found the house of our dreams. Sure, some of you are thinking yeah yeah, you bought a home, what's the big deal? Well for Dave (my husband) and I this was a decision to officially plant our roots in Chicago. We are so excited to call this city our home. Today, I will be giving you a look at our house and also the tips I learned along the way. ENJOY!

Whitney Reynolds

My parents joke that every two years I move and even though their statement is true, I am happy to say this will be our home for many years to come. During the search process we decided our "MUST HAVES" and  then worked our way down. His were:  Price point, bedrooms and location. Mine were:  School district and layout. I'd say we both got what we wanted.

Okay enough with the small talk- Let the tour begin!

Living room

Living room

First stop our, living room. When people walk through our front door I want them to feel the love and also right at home. I wanted to create a space that was inviting and hip. First thing we did was clean the windows. We lucked out with great natural light throughout the house, however, the windows needed a good cleaning. Once we were in the house for a few days we realized our couch was not enough and needed to fill the space a little bit more. Shoes aside, I am a bargain shopper so I went online to my favorite stores and sought out the best sale (and that's when we got the chairs). Eventually, we will be having a custom mantle and gas fireplace put in.

We couldn't leave out the fun details. I try to have a story with our house accessories. The flower in the picture below was not only created by one of my best girlfriends but it also was part of our centerpieces at our wedding. This glass sculpture is not only a statement but it's also a big party of our story!

Anna Lou Glass

Anna Lou Glass

White Cabinet done by Petronella Designs

White Cabinet done by Petronella Designs

The Dining Room- This is probably my favorite room for a number of reasons but I'd say my main one:  It's where all the conversations happen. I love nothing more than to sit around the table and gab. This room is right off the kitchen and is great for entertaining guests and Chef Dave. In the kitchen we went with stainless steel appliances. We knew we were going to need more cabinet space when we moved in, so we had a custom piece (picture above) created by Nellie Fuder of Petronella-Designs. She makes pieces to fit any style and budget. I will definitely be having more of her collection around my house in years to come! We needed a focal point in the room and luckily with a few clicks on Craigslist I found this painting for only $35.00! The light fixture in this room was given to us by dear friends and I think it is the cherry on top!

Every house should have one wallpapered room and this will be our main floor powder room. I've heard wallpapering is tough to do, so for this task we will be bringing in the experts. Okay let's head upstairs.

My art collection

My art collection

The Caribou chalk board Dave proposed on.

The Caribou chalk board Dave proposed on.

Greetings from our second floor-

I have always wanted to have what I call, "A museum wall." One location to show off my art collection and we decided to do this upstairs (picture above). On this floor we also have our master bedroom/bath and what will one day be the nursery and this kids bathroom. Right now the extra room is serving as Dave's office. The chalkboard in the picture above is from the Caribou Coffee where I met Dave. Six months later we went in to that same coffee shop and on this board were the words "WILL YOU MARRY ME!" We had to keep it!

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was a little overwhelming to me when we first moved in, because of its size. One of the first things I learned with buying this house is:  It's fun to fill it up and change things over time. Not everything must be done overnight! The inspiration behind this room came from the Pottery Barn bed spread, I purchased the day we closed. The master bath is huge but needs updating; we are looking forward to putting in a steam shower and double sink.

To conclude our tour we will finish in the basement- On this floor we have our laundry room, a guest room, a full bathroom, bonus room and storage. My home office for the show and my jewelry line is is in the main room. I am surrounded by inspirational thoughts, articles and keepsakes. I finally have the space I need to be creative at home! In the guest bedroom on this level we have a bedroom ready for guests.

Below I have some tips to highly consider when moving-

1. STI Movers were a huge help to us during this whole process. And something I loved about them is their effort to Go Green. They have reusable eco-friendly boxes. All you have to do is order them, then the company will deliver them right to your doorstep. They help you move your boxes to your new location, and the best part is when you’re done they come and take the boxes away for you. No longer will you be stuck with big bulky cardboard boxes wondering what on earth you’re going to do with them. I may be a little biased, but I most definitely have to recommend them for your next move.

2. This may seem like an obvious statement, but, take some time before you start packing to get organized. Plan out what sections of your house you’re going to pack at what times, this way you don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of packing required of you. If you try and do it all at once you’ll only regret it later on. By spending all of your energy on packing up your entire house in one swoop you’ll burn out and lose all motivation to unpack in your new house. This leads to what I like to call the year-long-move. It may take you one week to move to a whole new house, but unpacking is still part of the process.

3. Once you find the house you want to buy, get a good inspector. GS & TJ Services did a fantastic job making sure our house was safe and ready for us. Leon (the owner) walked us through potential issues and things that needed to get fixed.  This is very important because you will get stuck with problems the previous owner created...As Dave would say, fight for the dollars and cents on the front end.  Leon was great to work with: 

4. One of my favorite tips for moving is this “life hack” for switching closets. Instead of taking everything off their individual hangers and packing them into boxes, only to unpack them and rehang them one-by-one, two words: garbage bag. While your clothes are still hanging in the closet, take a garbage bag and scoop up a section of your clothes into the bag. Finally, tie the bag around the hangers so that the tops of them are sticking out. This way you’ll have a handle for your bag of clothes and you can easily transition them from one closet to the next.

Finally, even if you dread moving more than anything else in life, try and find some enjoyment out of the process. This is a life event you’re going to remember always. It’s the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new. Whether you’re moving across the country for a job or you’re moving down the street, old memories are to be archived and the prospects of new memories await you. So take a moment and take a deep breath before you allow yourself to be overcome by stress.

Change really can be a beautiful thing! <3


Living The American Dream

Whitney Reynolds

Photo credit- Joe Reyes (ACTION BOOTH)

Photo credit- Joe Reyes (ACTION BOOTH)

Happy Birthday America! As we approach the 4th of July weekend, I can't help but think how blessed we are in the U.S.A. Thanks to our freedom, I am able to live the American dream daily! Having a talk show that is dedicated to positive change, is a dream come true and I am so thankful you are on this journey with us.

Below is a recent article published about the show. Enjoy the read and hopefully you can check out some of my favorite Chicago spots.

Whitney Reynolds

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July! If your in the Chicagoland area, I will be hosting the Evanston parade on Saturday 7/4, stop by and say hello. Remember to watch our show every Monday at 6:30 PM on Lakeshore PBS (Chicago)  and every Wednesday at 2 PM on WQPT (The Quad Cities).

HUGE THANK YOU to all our Veterans. Happy 4th!



What's Your Story

Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds- Hello 6th PBS Season!

Whitney Reynolds- Hello 6th PBS Season!

I’ve been very nostalgic recently here at the Whitney Reynolds Show and have gone through some of my past episodes. I wanted to highlight a few inspirational stories that I believe everybody could benefit from past seasons. ENJOY!

In our first PBS season we did a show "Second Chances." On this episode we sat down with  we  Danni Allen, Season 14 winner of the hit TV series "The Biggest Loser", about her second chance with her health. After witnessing her father struggle with his health, and almost lose his life, she decided that she needed to make a change. After auditioning for, and ultimately winning, the Biggest Loser she was given a second chance to live her life to the fullest. This episode taught us when life is generous enough to give us a second chance we need to take advantage of it!

UPDATE: We recently caught up with Danni and she still has the same mindset and even more excited about what's ahead!  

UPDATE: We recently caught up with Danni and she still has the same mindset and even more excited about what's ahead!


Our "No Limits" episode focused on different individuals who didn’t let their circumstances get in the way of achieving their dreams. I was fortunate enough to sit down with an incredible young woman named Mary Kate Callahan. Mary Kate was paralyzed from the waist down at only 5 ½ months old. But she didn’t let that stop her from doing what she loved. As a high school swimmer the only thing in her way from the State Championships was the lack of a policy to include swimmers with disabilities. But once again she refused to give up. She teamed up with lawyers and fought the system until finally during her senior year of high school she was able to compete at the Illinois Swimming State Championship. This just goes to show you that no matter what roadblock is in your way you can’t let it stop you from being all that you can be.

In the show’s second season we talked about the Youth of Our Future. Violence amongst teens, especially in the Chicagoland area, is stealing the lives of the next generation. But this doesn’t mean we have to stand by and watch it happen. I spoke to David Diaz, WBC World Lightweight Champion, about his after-school program where he teaches kids how to box. Coming from a background of boxing he uses his talent to keep kids out of violence. Through boxing he is able to teach kids discipline and turning their aggression into positive energy. It’s people like David who are changing the lives of everyone around them by simply taking a stand for what they believe in.

Next I took a look at one of our recent episodes, "Be the Change." We live in a world where corruption is stealing away the joy and love throughout the world. But we don’t have to just sit by and let it happen. We can be courageous and take a stand for what we believe is right. Our social sizzle for this episode was the founders of the Kind Campaign: Molly Thompson and Lauren Paul. Through witnessing and experiencing girl on girl crime they took it upon themselves to educate young girls across the US and Canada about the harmful effects of girl on girl crime. They have taught thousands of young girls that kindness is the only option.

Finally, in our Survivor episode I was able to sit down with Jaspen Boothe. Her story was one of the most inspiring of them all. Jaspen is a Veteran who not only survived Hurricane Katrina but also cancer. However, this is not even the most incredible part about her. After bad treatment by the VA she decided that she wasn’t going to allow future veterans to be treated the way she was. She started an organization called Final Salute that provides homeless women veterans and their families with safe and suitable housing. Her organization has now raised over $650,000 for female veterans. After hearing this story I never want to complain about my life being hard ever again! But it also has showed me that with the right mindset, strong will, and faith you can survive anything.

Going through these episodes have me feeling so inspired and empowered! I love hearing all of your stories. So I want to encourage all of you, my incredible viewers, to write the show and tell me about your journey. You never know how something that changed your life, could help others! Go to our contact page now and get to typing! <3

Dear Younger Me

Whitney Reynolds

Whtiney Reynolds
One day you will wake up and realize your not playing dress up anymore, this is your life!”
— Whitney Reynolds

Just 5 years ago I moved to this city, I now call home. Not only did I build my show in Chicago but I also found the love of my life here. We have planted our roots and excited to see what the future brings. With all that being said, I recently caught myself reflecting on my younger days and so wish I could have read this "adult" letter to myself years ago. Enjoy!


Dear Younger Me,

Good Morning America news set 2007

Good Morning America news set 2007

            First off. Pause. Take a breath. And relax. I want you to know that everything is going to be fine. There’s no need to sweat the small things because it all works out. Don’t waste time stressing about things that will be irrelevant in the long run. Enjoy your youth because one day you’ll wish you could be there again.

            That brings me to my next point. Make the most of every single day you are gifted. Opportunities will pass you by if you don’t make a conscious effort to recognize them. You only have one chance on this earth so do your best to make it everything it could be. Work hard. Work harder. And then work some more. Even when it all seems pointless there could be an incredible reward just around the corner. You’ll never reach it unless you refuse to give up.

            You will have rough patches. That’s just part of growing up. Those times are put there to make you stronger. Keep your chin up, because even when you feel like all hope is lost, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And you’ll make mistakes. But don’t be too hard on yourself because at the end of the day how else are you going to learn? Don’t regret anything. Just see every blip in the road as a chance for self-improvement.

         Another very important lesson you’ll learn is to guard your heart. Don’t fall into a trap of selfish desire that leads you to empty results. The easy way out is never easy. Be true to yourself and what you believe in. Because those are the only things you can be sure of.

            Finally. Life is beautiful. And everything you want is in your reach. Whether you grasp it or not is completely determined on how badly you want it. Don’t ever feel like you can’t do something because it’s too hard or “impossible”. Even the word impossible says “I’m possible”. As you’ll come to find out, your hard work pays off in the end, kid.


An Older Wiser You



I want to encourage you take time and write a note like mine, to yourself. On days that don't make sense read it and sometimes read it again. Remember we are only given today once and tomorrow it is history!

One Exciting Memorial Day Weekend

Whitney Reynolds

Thank you to everyone who has served for our freedom. #USA

Thank you to everyone who has served for our freedom. #USA

Well hello summer and long weekend! I want to kick things off with a shout out to all of our military... THANK YOU for serving & HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!

This season we’ve talked about conquering fear. And so I thought it would be fun to give you all a little challenge. This will get you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to break through your fears! Below I’ve compiled a list of 5 exhilarating things to do this Memorial Day Weekend. You don’t have to try all of them of course, but think of how empowered you’d feel if you do! I say you pick the one that makes you the most scared and go for it.

1.     Skydeck Chicago-  Afraid of heights? You HAVE to try this out! Right in Downtown Chicago at the Willis Tower you have the ability to step out on a glass panel that’s 1,353 ft above the ground. When you visit the Skydeck you will be able to step outside the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. If that’s not facing your fear head-on I don’t know what is!

2.     Preform your own slam poetry. Does public speaking scare you more than death itself? I have just the cure for you! Try out your own slam poetry up in front of a crowd at The Green Mill. On top of some incredible live jazz, there is a fun little contest for new comers and veterans alike. Try your hand at some slam poetry and you may even go home with a prize!

3.     Chicago Flyboard-  Have you ever thought about floating above water? Well with Flyboards you will have the opportunity to do just that. With a board strapped to your feet the water from Lake Michigan will be blasted through the bottom of the board at a speed so fast it causes you to float above water. Think jetpack with water. It’s a fun way to spend a day in the sun doing something you’ll never forget. You can make it a family day too by renting some Stand Up Paddle Boards or Canoes too!

4.    Absolutely Chicago Segways- You’ve seen those strange contraptions that look like a scooter mixed with a pogo stick, now it’s time to try one! Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours will you show you this incredible city from standpoint you’ve never taken before. These tours are fun and easy to book. Try it out! You won’t be disappointed.

5.     Trapeze School- Yes. You did read that right! Trapeze school! Try out flying through the sky for a day with nothing to hold on to but a trusted partner. Your childhood dreams of running away to a circus could finally come true. Not only will you conquer fear but you can learn to trust in not only other people but yourself! Give it a try!

Don’t forget to document your fearless feats by using the hashtag #fearlesswithwhitney! And make sure you tune in to the Whitney Reynolds show Sundays at 10:30 am and Mondays at 6:30 pm! Have a great holiday weekend! Xx

A Life Story, Surviving The Holocaust

Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds

Hello Everybody! We have a special episode coming up this Monday. It’s going to be a powerful and touching show that you won’t want to miss! Every season we do a show title "A Life Story" where we take an entire episode and look at someone's life. This episode is extremely powerful and is a story that must be told, heard and passed down. We are talking, surviving the holocaust with Estelle Laughlin.

Let me give a little background on Estelle for those who don’t know who she is. Miss Laughlin is a child survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto, the uprising, and concentration camps. She immigrated to America when she was just eighteen years old. But the extent of her perseverance doesn’t stop there. With only three years of public education she went on to earn her master’s degree in education. After a long career of teaching in Maryland she retired. However she still makes it a point to lecture all over the country about her experiences. This lead to the release of her book Transcending Darkness: A Girl’s Journey Out of the Holocaust.

Her story of survival left me with chills throughout the interview. She explains her steps to forgiveness, moving forward and why it's important for her story to continue to be heard. We are so very excited to have her on the show. Her bravery and heart is an inspiration to us all.

We will also be speaking with Arielle Weininger who is the curator down at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. This museum is dedicated to celebrating and remembering the lives that were lost in this tragic point in history.

Not only does this museum remember those lost, it also educates people with lessons that combat hatred, prejudice and indifference. The exhibitions work both to giving a proper homage to the poor souls who lost their lives and promoting human rights in an effort to make sure that nothing this horrific ever happens again amongst humanity.

Be sure to catch this episode on Monday night at 6:30! [COMCAST 239/ RCN 4/ Dish, Direct, AT&T 56] And remember we all have a story inside of us and TODAY we are writing tomorrows memories.

Giving Our Four-Legged Friends A Voice

Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds

Earlier this year, my sweet Puffy Doo-Little had a back injury that almost took her life. This would have never been a near death experience if she could have told me what was wrong. During her recovery I got to thinking about the challenges our four-legged friends go through and that's when Cari Meyers came to mind and I knew we must have her on a show.

The Puppy Mill Project

Cari Meyers is that voice for animals and founded the Puppy Mill Project (PMP). For those of you who haven’t heard, the Puppy Mill Project educates the public by spreading the message about puppy mill cruelty and providing age-based interactive lectures and presentations. According to the PMP, Ninety Nine percent (99%) of all pet store puppies are puppy mill puppies. Most people are unaware of this and the Puppy Mill Project is changing that fact. She has worked with legislation and Chicago celebrities to help spread the word. Cari is currently working on "The Puppy Mill Project" book, where she is having celebrities and their pets take pictures. This book will be sold to raise funds for her cause and create more awareness. (YES, Puffy and I will be in the book). There are many ways for our viewers to get involved including several events throughout the year.

The Whitney Reynolds Show

We will also be speaking with Chicago City Clerk Susanna Mendoza, who is a proud supporter of the Puppy Mill Project. Susanna and Cari have been working hard to pass legislation to help our four-legged friends here in Chicago. For more information on their journey check out this article- (

Chicago City Clerk Susanna Mendoza

Chicago City Clerk Susanna Mendoza

We have doctors in the studio too from Veterinary Specialty Center. Dr. Melissa Pales and Dr. Brett Grossman, will be speaking with us about the dangers of buying dogs from puppy mills. From long term health issues to common illnesses, they’ll show us why buying a puppy mill dog can lead to heartbreak no pet owner should be forced to deal with.

Finally I just have to say, one word: Adoption! Adoption, adoption, adoption. There are so many furry friends stuck in shelters every single day that have been abandoned by or taken from their owners. And guess what? You can help them! Just because a dog isn’t a puppy doesn’t mean they’ll love you any less. All they want is a home to call their own with a loving family.

Big thanks to everyone who came on the show and who speak up for our friends/family who don't have a voice! Remember to tune in Monday nights at 6:30 PM and Sunday morning at 10:30 to Lakeshore PBS [Comcast 239/ RCN 4/ Dish, Direct, AT&T 56]. Have a great week y'all!

Tell Fear To Take A Hike

Whitney Reynolds

This week's show is all about fear. Sure we have different thoughts that scare us, but how do we overcome the one's that grip our every move. Our guests open up about their real battles and how are trying to get through them.

Whitney Reynolds

Before we dive into our topic, I wanted to share some fears in my own life. You see this topic is extremely real and something I believe we all battle with. When I first moved to Chicago, I didn't know anyone and the job I thought I had landed in TV actually fell through. I was stuck in what I'd call a major "fear" rut. The unknown attacked my nerves and I actually missed out on a lot of exciting things (Like- exploring a new city and enjoying a little time to myself). I would do anything to go back and tell younger Whitney do not be anxious it will all work out. Fear is a funny thing because there's really nothing it adds to and only takes away the joy that each experience can offer. In my life I've worked on telling fear to take a hike and embracing the chaos. Now don't get me wrong, nerves aren't always bad... For example: My first day doing my KISS FM segment (Whitney's Women) I was nervous but I've learned turned those nerves into positive energy! I think if we take a moment and reflect on our own lives we would find fear trying to creep in. Today's guest admit the struggle is real but learning to let go is a powerful thing!

Starting off the show, we have Paul Wallenberg. He’ll be talking to us about a whole array of topics. From the common fear of heights to the highly rated fear of death. He’ll even be discussing how quitting smoking correlates with fear. Additionally we’ll have Life Coach Ellen Burton on the show. Working with people as a life coach she’s had to help out with her share of fears. If fear is something you feel you struggle with in your daily life you’ll want to hear what these two have to say.

Whitney Reynolds

Blogger Nicole Rohr Stephani will be joining us in the studio. She’ll be talking about her battle with her fear of eating. After 3 stints of treatment through her eating disorder she finally reached a place of successful recovery and has dedicated her time to helping other girls with their struggles through her blog Body Boop. Head over to her blog and revel in her amazingness!

Whitney Reynolds


Finally we’ll be talking to Nik Wallenda. Nik is a tight rope walker! I know what you’re thinking: “Oh I’ve seen that before at the circus. What’s the big deal?” Well you’ve never seen anything like this! Nik has taken his high wire walking to incredible heights. Literally! He has walked across incredible places such as the Chicago Skyline and was even the first man to walk Niagra Falls!


Wasn’t that incredible! The greatest part about Nik is that he doesn’t credit his incredible feats to his own talents. He credits all of his success to the work of God. He has dedicated his life to inspiring other through his actions in order to introduce God into their lives. You won’t want to miss hearing him speak!

I’m looking forward to sharing this incredible episode with you all! Make sure to tune in on Monday at 6:30 pm on Lakeshore PBS. To find our show in your market click the CONTACT tab.

I hope you are able to tell your fears to take a hike and live life in the now!

Surviving a Hurricane, Cancer and Homelessness

Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds

It’s been another incredible week at the Whitney Reynold’s show! On our last show we spoke with some amazing individuals who taught us that you can be the change this world needs if you just step up and try! Don’t forget: If you missed the episode you can catch it again on Sundays at 10:30 AM.

Our first guest on our show Survivor is Jaspen Boothe. She's a woman who, throughout all adversity, has remained strong. She survived Hurricane Katerina along with a vicious bout with cancer. As the creator of The Final Salute she has dedicated her life to helping veterans such as herself to find proper housing and employment after service.

Survival expert and professional stunt person, Ky Furneaux, will be telling us all about her thrilling career of performing stunts and may even give us some useful survival tips! Ky has appeared in over 80 films and tv productions including: The Avengers, Thor, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Talk about girl power! This survivor found her passions after almost completely loosing her mobility due to an injury she sustained from a horrible car crash. After a year of intense physical therapy she was back up and moving better than ever. She decided nothing was going to keep her from doing what she loved.

For all of you Survivor fans Ethan Zohn will be joining us! This man was the winner of the Survivor: Africa season. He’s also been seen on Survivor: All-stars and The Amazing Race. Ethan was previously a professional American soccer player and used his prize money to cofound an incredible charity called Grassroot Soccer. This charity uses soccer to educate and mobilize communities in order to fight the spread of HIV. Not only did Ethan survive in the wilderness he is also a cancer survivor! His story is one you won’t want to miss.

See you this Monday for a powerful episode filled with amazing stories of survival and inspirational guests!

Change Is A Good Thing

Whitney Reynolds

Well it has been an amazing week for us here at The Whitney Reynolds Show. On Monday we launched to weeknights here in Chicago and had a big watch party to celebrate. The party was hosted by Hubbard Inn, we had amazing food, drinks and great photos by Action Booth. We packed the 2nd floor with 120 of our most loyal viewers, TWRS Staffers and folks from our PBS Network. What a fun night! CLICK HERE for all the party pics

My Lakeshore Public Television Team

My Lakeshore Public Television Team

My number one supporter and best friend- David Heiner

My number one supporter and best friend- David Heiner

If you would have told me a few years ago that I'd land a constant spot on a Chicagoland PBS station with a weeknight time-slot, I might have looked at you cross-eyed. I've always said, "I know where we are going. Just not sure how we're getting there." I believe our progress has a lot to do with hard work, but also in knowing how to handle and embrace change! Everyday brings new opportunities and it's up to us to take advantage or deal with what life hands us.

With that being said, this week's topic falls right in line with CHANGE. Our show is "Be The Change." We are talking with folks that have taken extreme measures to leave their mark here on earth. We have outstanding guests, who not only recognized a problem but do whatever it takes to see the solution through.

First on the show we’re going to have Jeremy Courtney. He’ll be talking to us about the Preemptive Love Coalition. PLC is a program that trains Iraqi doctors and nurses to preform life saving heart surgeries on children born with life threatening heart defects. Jeremy is the founder and Executive Director of PLC. He was born and raised in America, however now resides overseas.

After saving lives, Jeremy is a musician and songwriter in his spare time. He believes that music and storytelling can help bridge the gaps with reconciliation between cultures. Check out his song!

Next up we have Molly Thompson and Lauren Parsekian Paul (You may have seen her husband, Aaron Paul, on the hit TV series Breaking Bad) on the show to talk about the Kind Campaign. The Kind Campaign is an initiative to stop Girl on Girl crime in schools all across the country. It teaches young girls that KINDNESS is the key to stop the long lasting negative effects of girl on girl crime. This segment totally made my heart smile!

We will also have two local schools on the show, to talk about how they are giving back in a huge way! Get ready for a great show! Remember: Monday's 6:30 PM & Sunday's at 10:30 AM on Lakeshore Public Media (WYIN). LIVE OUTSIDE OF CHICAGO? Check your local listings for our show in your area! We launch next month in The Quad Cities.

I hope this show inspires you to be the change, you want to see! Have a great week y'all.


Season Premier- Veterans

Whitney Reynolds

Hello and welcome to our season premier blog! I want to give you a little background on our guests for Monday’s show. We will have some familiar faces like Senator Richard Durban and Son's Of Anarchy Star, Theo Rossi on set, yet we will also introduce you to a new wave of Veterans that are dedicated to making an impact here at home.

First up in the studio we have Todd Connor who created the organization known as The Bunker. The Bunker is a start-up company that works to help veterans turn their experience and skills into entrepreneurship. They’ve already helped launch 19 companies! Todd's interview is full of "outside the box" ideas and packed with info for the entrepreneur in us all.

SSgt. Johnny Joey Jones and Meghan McDermott will be speaking to us about The Boot Campaign and Camp Southern Ground. The Boot Campaign is an organization that raises money for wounded soldiers and those returning with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). They provide assistance to military personal, past and present along, with their families. One of the ways they raise funds and awareness for the campaign is by selling combat boots. The Boot Campaign is known for having celebrities, athletes and more, lace up boots and show their support. Even I strapped some on-

Whitney Reynolds

SSgt. Johnny Joey Jones not only informs us about the campaign but his interview is a must see. The impact he made overseas and here at home is huge and I am super excited for you to learn more about his courageous journey!

Let’s talk BBQ. Have you tried Johnny Van Smoke House yet? If not, you’re definitely missing out!  Johnny Van and his wife, BK, started Johnny Van Smokehouse back in 2012 when they decided to share their love for barbecue with as many people as they can reach. And get this: Johnny Van is a veteran himself! On the show he shares how his military journey and passion for food collided to create a business that is now helping vets here at home. Johnny Van Smoke House has been kind enough to share a recipe with all of us. Don’t hesitate to try it out!


Johnny Van

Does that not sound incredible?! That recipe has taken Johnny Van to the semi-finals of the World Championship of Food! Not only is it insanely delicious it’s a great recipe when you’re in a pinch. Just place the rolled up meat in a shallow baking pan and pop it in the oven.

Thank you for reading! I hope this little preview has made you all as excited about the upcoming episode as I am. Remember: the show has moved its time slot! Be sure to tune in Monday at 6:30 PM on Lakeshore Public Media (WYIN)


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  • The Quad Cities | WQPT CHANNEL 24


My Move To Weeknights

Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds

I am thrilled to announce we are moving to weeknights across Chicagoland! Starting April 6th our show is moving to Monday's at 6:30 PM CST on Lakeshore Public Television. (Comcast 239, RCN 4, Dish/Direct/AT&T 56).

This move comes with mixed emotions because my show has always played on the weekends. When we switched channels from NBC to PBS back in 2012 we became dedicated to tough topics. I decided to use our platform to shine light on subjects that sometimes get lost. Having a serious show air on Saturday afternoons was tough and we are extremely excited for our new night and time. The lineup on PBS that surrounds our show is amazing and we are thrilled to reach more viewers this season.

The switch to Monday nights did not happen overnight (No pun intended lol) in fact, it took some serious meetings and loyal viewers to make this change. I want to encourage you to have patience with your dreams yet work towards the end goal daily. Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard, but standing on this side of things, it is totally worth it.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for believing in and watching our show. I want to thank Chicagoland by throwing a launch party! Tickets are free but there's limited space. Email for a fun night of: show watching, food and drinks! Our friends from Action Booth will be taking pictures and my first magazine cover will be revealed. If you live in The Quad Cities (our 2nd market/ WQPT) you also are invited so RSVP & COME!

Remember to set your DVR before the party and get ready for a fabulous season of fresh topics!

Coming up this season: Veterans, Be The Change, Puppy Mills, Survivor, Fears and A Life Story: The Holocaust.

Coming up this season: Veterans, Be The Change, Puppy Mills, Survivor, Fears and A Life Story: The Holocaust.

Excited to be back in your living rooms next month!

Xx -Whitney

Season Preview

Whitney Reynolds


Ready. Set. It's Preview Time! Season 4 of The Whitney Reynolds Show is coming out soon. This season the topics are tough: Veterans, A Life Story (Holocaust Survivor), Be The Change, Fears, Puppy Mills and Survivor . We dive into issues that matter and have stacked each show with the best of the best. Here's a sneak peek at what's to come.




Early Detection: Full Circle Show

Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds

I had one of those full circle moments on The Whitney Reynolds Show after finding a lump in my armpit last December. Going into a new season of The Whitney Reynolds Show this lump has left me with a new viewpoint & understanding on what it's like to open up about a life changing moment. Big thanks to my editor and friend Carrie Williams for this article. I've always loved sharing stories and now here's my own.


I met Whitney Reynolds over a year ago when TCW was featured on a special episode of her talk show, The Whitney Reynolds Show, on WYCC. She’s one of the hardest working women I know…bright, bubbly and a good friend. So when I saw some alarming news on Facebook one day, I was worried about her.

whitney reynolds

Whitney first noticed the lump in her armpit one night before bed in December: “I was in my pajamas and happened to look in the mirror while stretching my arms up. It immediately caught my eye because it was like a small golf ball poking out of my right armpit.” She then Googled what she saw.

“Don’t do this,” urges Whitney. “After seeing the article that popped up, I panicked. I sent a picture of the lump to my best friend who’s a nurse. She normally tells me all is fine but, this time she said to make an appointment. I waited around three days and polled everyone I saw. I started feeling pain in my arm and that’s when I knew it was time to go in.”

Whitney first met with her woman doctor who then sent her to an expert. “I knew the seriousness of what was at hand and needed some motivational, yet real advice,” she explains. “I watched my ‘Early Detection’ show once, then twice and found myself in tears and taking notes from my guests.”

At first there was a small chance the lump could have been hormonal. “So on Christmas, when it had not gone down, I was devastated,” says Whitney. “I already had the ultrasound on the books, so after the holidays I knew it was time for answers. The night before the appointment I was terrified of the unknown. However, I put my faith into action.”

Through it all, Whitney wasn’t alone. She had her husband, David, and her parents by her side. “He was my rock and handled it like a boss,” she says. “He said no matter the results, we would look it in the eye and take care of it. And my parents both offered up tons of family history on bumps that had surfaced on both sides over the years.”

After seeing a few doctors, the final results came the day of the ultrasound. “Having had a friend pass away this year from cancer my nerves were a little more on edge and my prayers turned into more of a lengthy conversation with God during the ‘waiting’ time.”

The day of the ultrasound, Whitney met with the doctor and a radiologist. “They started the ultrasound and then compared it to my other armpit,” she recalls. “They then went and looked at the results a bit closer. This 20-minute wait seemed like a lifetime. They let [my husband] David come back before they gave us the results.” Posting to Facebook once again, Whitney wrote…

Whitney Reynolds
Whitney Reynolds

With tears of joy in her eyes, Whitney gave the doctor “the biggest hug.” She really wanted to celebrate, but the reality hit her that many other women in that same doctor’s office were not getting the same results. “I went from joy to compassion and overall a spirit of thankfulness,” she says. “This experience has changed me as a person and as an interviewer. I have an amazing respect for health and a renewed sense of compassion for others. I now know what it’s like to have something very personal and sensitive come up. This experience has left a forever mark on my heart.”

Climb The Mountain & Learn From The Valley

Whitney Reynolds

Welcome to 2015. When a new year is approaching I like to take a second and reflect on how far we have come, lessons I've learned and goals for the future. With each new year, I seek joy in the journey, gratitude in my heart and love in my steps (But this wasn't always the case)...

In my early 20's when I started the show, I wanted to be older, wiser and know it all. On my 24th birthday this internal struggle came to a halt. I realized in order to make it to the top of the mountain, I must acknowledge and learn from the valley. It started with baby steps like adding my age to facebook, seeking mentors across the board and surrounding myself with the best team around. I found that being a cheerleader for others felt so much better than being competitive. I learned to listen more and to truly think before I speak. I started trusting my expert team instead of micromanaging and in the process of all this self change it happened.... I found a healthy work/life balance, I had the best team around, I met my soul-mate, gained a weekly time slot on PBS and grew to more markets than I could have imagined.

Understanding where you have come from is a key component to where you are going. Learn from your missteps, acknowledge your reality and seek the joy in your journey!

People love authenticity, be true yourself this year and trust me... The best is yet to come.

Happy New Year! xoxo -Whitney

Whitney's Wish List

Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds

This week, my special ‘Whitney’s Wish List’ will start airing on My Deal TV in Chicago and Miami. Just by mentioning "Whitney," you will be able to catch some great deals like, 25% off products at K Paige Salon with purchase of a service.

Maybe your face looks great but you want that summer glow? Then watch as I talk with Celebrity Skin Couture Air Tan. Celebrity Skin is offering our viewers Half off Full Body Tan, Eyelash Extensions and Brazilian Waxing. Offer Valid for first time clients only and can not be combine with any other offer. Valid through Feb. 28th 2015.

That’s just the half of it. We also have Concierge Med Spa. They’ll tell how to give or get "the gift of youth" this holidays season. They are talking Botox, micro peel facial service and more. Plus with certain purchases they are throwing in FREE services. Visit their website and ask for their "Whitney" specials.

Finally, I talk about the Accessory Mercado AM-bassador Campaign. Shop and raise money for your favorite non-profit! Accessory Mercado is giving 10% back to ALL non-profits. Click the AM-bassador tab and follow the instructions on how to sign up. Also make sure to check out the jewels while your there, everything is under $50.00. 'Whitney's Wish List' will run December 17th- NYE on My Deal TV in Chicago and Miami. Check your local listings for exact playback information.

For all you reading at home, I have a special treat. We have more deals listed below. Here are my 5 extra specials for my blog followers.

1. Leah Chavie Skin Care Boutique:$50.00 off mint facial. Only $75.00 Holiday Mint Facial. Peppermint essential oils help to stimulate, rejuvenate, and purify the skin. The facial includes an exfoliation with a cranberry mint scrub from Leah's skincare line, extractions, a spearmint mask and massage.

2. Salitas Salsa- (My favorite Salsa) $3.00 off website orders
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4.KS Style Consulting Take $50 off a Closet Clean-out Session or Personal Shopping Session when you mention "Whitney's Wish List."

5. FREE personal training session at Fit Lincoln Park- Mention Whitney!

Remember to check out WYCC and WQPT for episodes of 'The Whitney Reynolds Show.' Check me out on Facebook for up to date information. Follow my Twitter @W3Whitney.

Happy Shopping!

Leah Chavie Skin Care Boutique

Leah Chavie Skin Care Boutique

Salitas Salsa

Salitas Salsa

The Holistic Holiday

Whitney Reynolds

"Ask Aimee"

"Ask Aimee"

This week, we wanted to prepare our readers for the stress that comes with the season, by going holistic for the holidays. To give you some great tips on managing stress and finding some peace of mind this holiday, we talked to Aimee Orta of Balance Healing Center. She's been helping people heal holistically for the last twelve years and has some great insight on strategy for a natural approach to relieving the burden of stress.

In your years of observing clients, what do you think is the biggest stressor during the holidays? I think the biggest stress people have is the expectations of themselves and of others. From parties to families to relationships, people load it on all at once and it's too much.

That's very interesting. How do you feel people can combat those stressors? Get plenty of sleep. The more tired you are the less tolerant you'll be of your crazy great aunt Bernadette and the person who took your parking space at Marianos. It's amazing how refreshed and in control you feel on a full night of sleep. 

Take a walk. Have a dance party. Meditate. Yes, it is harder to exercise when you have three parties on the same day or there's a wind chill of 5 below. But taking the time to get some fresh air or to be intentional about moving your body and quieting your mind is an important step to help melt stress.

People should be mindful in everything they do. From approaching food choices, how much they eat, or shopping, people should slow their mind and make conscious choices. That said, mindfulness can be a service like a massage or simply meditating before you go to bed at night.

Remember to have fun. Laugh. Keep a positive attitude. The holidays should be a time for celebrating. An optimistic outlook will help you take it all in stride. After all, your party plans may not turn out perfectly and that's ok. It's usually in those moments that the best memories are made. 

Great insight. So, in your practice, do you think there's a service that best helps relieve stress? Yes, the most successful modality we have is craniosacral therapy. Using a soft touch, practitioners release restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system. The heart of it is stillness which is the ultimate in calming nerves.

Sounds soothing! Now, what makes a service or membership at Balance Healing Center such a great holiday gift? People struggle to make themselves a priority. That's why the gift of self care is priceless. It's perfect for someone who can get everything else. It also can open a new door in their life to exploration.

What other advice do you have for those preparing for the upcoming festivities? Being holistic for the holidays is great but people should start incorporating little things throughout the year, whether it's a weekly or monthly service or membership to our center. Also, people need to be forgiving of themselves.

That said, New Years is a great way to start fresh. So forgive yourself so you can buckle down in the new year. We offer some great detox programs.

Thanks Aimee! Be sure to check out Balance Healing Center as a gift for yourself or those around you. It will be well worth it.  You can receive her newsletter here. (

Be sure to check you local listings for 'Whitney's Wish List' on MyDealTV. As always we'd like to thank WYCC and WQTP where you can find 'The Whitney Reynolds Show'. Follow me on Twitter @W3Whitney for up to date on everything me. You can like us on Facebook. If you liked this post, share it on Pinterest.

Have a great week!


The Gratitude Attitude

Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Some of us are blessed enough get to spend it with family and friends. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for everyone. That’s why this week on ‘Whitney’s Women’ on KISS FM I’m spotlighting Co-Founder of the Chicago Basket Brigade Liliana Salazar Jaramillo. She joined with her friends just four years ago to donate baskets filled with Thanksgiving supplies to fifty local families and churches. In just a few short years, they have far exceeded that by donating last year a total of eight hundred and eighty baskets. This year, they’d like to reach as many as fifteen hundred families. Learn more at  Here's the full interview on KISSFM-

Her organization’s wonderful story has helped me reflect just how much I am thankful for in my own life. This past year I have been blessed to spend with my husband and dog child, Puffy Doo-Little. With the help of my team, we launched an all new season of the ‘Whitney Reynolds Show’ on PBS’ WYCC and WQPT. I gave insight into what went into my nuptials on I DO: Chicago Style on CAN TV Channel 19. I also launched my brand new jewelry line Accessory Mercado. I realize without the help of others, my successes wouldn’t have been possible. Every day we must put on the gratitude... attitude!

I’d like for everyone reading at home to take the time to think on what you are thankful for. It is a simple way to remind yourself how lucky your life is compared to those struggling. That’s what is so wonderful about this time of year. We get to take the time to count our blessings and remember how far we’ve come. 

Be sure to listen in to KISS FM for Whitney’s Women to hear more of Liliana’s story. Like our page on Facebook to keep up to date with news and events. You can follow me on Twitter @W3Whitney. Also, be sure to pin stories like these and more on your Pinterest. Be sure to check local listings of ‘The Whitney Reynolds Show’ on PBS stations WYCC and WQPT. Have a great week everybody and Happy Thanksgiving!