Pediatric Cancer Needs More Attention

Who doesn't like to jump around for a good cause? The picture below is a very typical evening when Action Booth is involved. This pic was taken last month when I emceed The Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation party.

Even though everyone at the event was cutting up in the photo booth, we were all there for a very serious cause. Pediatric Cancer is under funded and unfamiliar to most people. The Bear Necessities Foundation helps kids and families impacted by pediatric cancer and also helps fund research. The reality is, kids are losing their lives every year to pediatric cancer and medical bills for those families are piling up. Kathleen Casey (the founder of Bear Necessities) saw these needs first hand after her son Barret lost his 5 and half year battle to pediatric cancer.  Not only did she see the need, but she also acted on it. Today the foundation is really moving and shaking things up in Chicago.  Each year they are growing and their mission is coming to life! Their events are fun and really have people "JUMPING" around for a good cause!

Have a family member who lost their battle to cancer? CLICK HERE for my KissFm interview with Camp Kesem (a summer camp designed to help kids who have lost someone to cancer).