The Power of a Thank You Note

No matter how old you are or what position you hold, never forget the power of a hand-written thank you note.
— Whitney Reynolds
whitney reynolds

Rarely do I quote myself, but today I did because this lesson is so true. When I was child my parents always had me write thank you notes right after the holidays or birthdays. I grew up finding this practice time consuming and didn't fully understand the power behind the cards I was sending.

Last year (2013) I went back to NYC to visit Good Morning America, my old stomping grounds. I was talking with the crew after the show, when one of the camera operators stopped and said something very special. He said, "In my years here at GMA, there are a lot of interns that come through and rarely do I remember them. You stood out after your time here, because of the thank you note you wrote me, I think still have it." After he said that I was slightly stunned because that was over 7 years ago. To think about the power that thank you note had was so incredible to me. From that point on I decided to thank people who have made a difference in my life. My show would not be where it is today without some of these folks and it's time to give thanks.

I truly believe that gratitude leads to joy!



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