What I've Learned in 28 Years

Whitney Reynolds

I've learned more in my late 20's than ever before & I am going to tell you some of my top lessons! If only I could have written a letter to the "younger Whitney" and explained where we'd be in 2014.

Work:  When I first started my career I was very competitive. One thing I've learned with age is there is beauty in EMPOWERMENT. "Girls Compete with one another and women empower each other." It's simply, be the best YOU! CHANGE...  In the past, I always looked at change as a bad thing and this year it has proven to be the best news I could have received. In a few months we will be making a huge announcement and if it weren't for a little of change we would still be stuck in the past. Get ready for some exciting news and pumped up for major change!

Life: This year for lent I decided to take an hour a week and reflect on things/people I am thankful for. I am writing hand-written letters to people who have invested in my life and helped mold me into the woman I am today. What I discovered in this process is, GRATITUDE leads to JOY! A thankful heart = a joyful heart!

Love:  In November of last year I got married to the love of my life and we decided to write our own vows. One of things I value about David is our differences. In my vows I promised, "Not to change him, rather GROW with him." I know that the David I married in November, will not be the same a year from now. Yes, we will still love each other, but we must remember to grow together. ACCEPT people for who they are and embrace the person they are becoming!

Take a moment today and think about your last year. It doesn't matter what birthday you are celebrating, embrace the lessons you have learned and try to make this year the best! That's my birthday wish for you!