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david heiner

My husband David Heiner was recently featured in an article for fashion. It is amazing how much attention this piece got and made me realize that men are in to fashion too! So this one is for the fellas and all you women that want your men to dress a little sharper! Thanks Savvy Souk for featuring my hunk on "Man Mondays!"

Name: David Heiner
Age: 31
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA
Current City: Chicago, IL
Occupation: Account Executive at Voxware; Co-Owner of The Whitney Reynolds Show
His personal style: More fitted, less baggy; sometimes called “hipster”
Fashion icons: Anyone on the front of a gossip magazine (when they don’t want to be seen) wearing blue jeans and a V-neck shirt or the look of Mad Men
Pieces of clothing he can’t live without:  See list below
Favorite places to shop: GAP and Sebastien Grey
Favorite restaurants: Summer House Santa Monica and Tank Noodle (loves Pho)
Favorite places to travel: Costa Rica
Fun Fact: Wears crocs around the house (his wife is not going to be happy with this shared information.  Sorry Whitney!)

david heiner

While creating my list of Man Mondays months ago, I thought David Heiner would be my “All American Man” in this series.  Though he claims to be the laid back Lincoln Park guy that walks around in his favorite hoodie and v-neck shirt, David sure knows how to dress the part while attending events throughout the city – especially when his wife, Whitney Reynolds, host of The Whitney Reynolds Show, takes him out quite often to her evening soirées.

“My parents always made sure my dress clothes were nice while growing up.  As I go out to places, I feel more aware of what I have to put on.  This is determined by the event, the neighborhood and the overall environment.” Stated David.

David is a simple guy when it comes to fashion.  He cares enough about fashion, but is confident that his closet inventory is all he needs.  Here is what he lists as the key essential pieces to have:

1.     Hoodie with a V-neck cotton shirt to wear under (mainly bright colors)
2.     White button down shirt (he has about 20)
3.     Nice jacket (to wear with button down shirt)
4.     Dark skinny jeans
5.     Colored denim (works for day and night)
6.     Grey trousers (like navy, they match with almost everything)
7.     Nice belts (dressy and casual); he will buy matching shoes and belt and the same time
8.     Bow ties (O B V I O U S L Y)
9.     Patterned socks
10.   Canvas shoes

My favorite items on the list were bow ties and patterned socks.  Both accessories.  Both FUN.  David works in a more conservative environment at Voxware where khaki pants and a white button down shirt is the typical look.  “When a guy crosses his legs and sees lightning bolts on your socks, it can catch anyone’s eye.  Little details like these can make all the difference in a simple plain outfit.  It’s a good topic of conversation.” Stated David about patterned socks.

David may have more of the classic American style, but I must say for someone who does not spend much time and thought into fashion, he knows how to put an outfit together and not afraid to try something out of his comfort zone.  He can bring the best out of a classic look by simply accessorizing.  I mean…look at those boots!

david heiner
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