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The Whitney Reynolds Show is an Emmy Nominated, topic based television program. We aim to make a difference, educate and inspire change through each show!


Read the latest from Whitney's blog. Her motto: "Love is a lifestyle. Love what you do and do what you love!" Find out how she manages work and life while running a talk show and being a newlywed.




25.8 Million People are Impacted by This Topic

Whitney Reynolds

diabetes The Whitney Reynolds Show

According to, 25.8 million of the worlds population has some from of diabetes-8.3 percent of the U.S. population.  Thankfully, there are ways to prevent and treat the disease and with the help of professionals and experienced individuals.

This Saturday, Gail Myerson from the American Diabetes Association talks to us about the different forms and stages of diabetes.  Jennifer McFee will also tell us more about the association and the social media work and awareness she does.  The American Diabetes Association is an organization that works together to make the diagnosis of diabetes easier for those that are fighting.  With an amazing community of educated professionals and caring individuals their website provides patients with tips and ways to help treat their body if diagnosed with diabetes.  Besides treatment, the American Diabetes Association helps you prevent and protect yourself against possible diagnosis and ways to check if you are at risk.  The amazing love that this community provides will make anyone's battle feel lesser.

Vicki Santo, widow of Cubs Hall of Fame player Ron Santo, will inform us on their foundation. The Ron and Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation works to inform and educate people about diabetic alert dogs as well as raises funds to help people with Diabetes in their purchase of an alert dog.  If you know of someone in need or to learn more about eligibility visit,

To conclude Saturday's episode, Chef Judson Allen will take us on a trip to the market to find tasty and fresh ingredients to cook up an amazing meal!  There are always great ideas for a delicious yet healthy meal! Click the contact link for his recipe.

Make sure to watch this Saturday at 4pm on PBS!  We are a show dedicated to making a difference but we need your help too!