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The Whitney Reynolds Show is an Emmy Nominated, topic based television program. We aim to make a difference, educate and inspire change through each show!


Read the latest from Whitney's blog. Her motto: "Love is a lifestyle. Love what you do and do what you love!" Find out how she manages work and life while running a talk show and being a newlywed.




Lessons Learned In Tough Times

Whitney Reynolds

 Puffy was our Doo-Little Of Honor- November 2, 2013

Puffy was our Doo-Little Of Honor- November 2, 2013

As most of you know my blogs are "positive thinking" based and also give you a snap shot into my life. I want my blog to be a good reflection of my work/life balance. Not only will I give you updates on the show but, also a look my own personal experiences. With all that being said, it's time to get real: The last few weeks have been extremely difficult.

 Puffy 2005

Puffy 2005

Back Story: In 2005 (my freshman year at Baylor) I met the love of my life and amazing companion Puffy Doo-Little. She was perfect in all ways and as most people know who have pets, the unconditional love they display is amazing. In the last nine years she has seen me through a major move, tough times, career victories and meeting my husband. Her breed's lifespan is typically 10-18 years and Puffy has always been a healthy dog.

Fear: Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, Puffy experienced what we thought was a seizure. We took her in to an emergency vet and found out she was having back pain. The next day she stopped walking, so we took her back in and it is was evident she need to have emergency surgery. She had lost most movement in her legs and needed help fast. It's amazing how 24 hours changes things: One second we had a healthy dog and the next we were discussing all options.

Hope: Luckily we were given some hope at Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove but, she had to go into surgery immediately. On the drive from the city to VSC it was amazing all the fabulous memories that came to mind. I was not ready to say good-bye, however the tough reality of the news we had just heard minutes prior was starting to set in. When we arrived they immediately prepped her for the operation. We said a prayer with her, gave her kisses & tried to look strong. We needed her to know we would be okay and see her soon. The drive home was emotional, hard and I couldn't stop looking at the phone for updates. Three hours after they got her in, we got a call from the doctor saying she had made it out of surgery and things were looking up. That night we went to bed hopeful and feeling so loved from all the social media messages for Puffy's health!

 1 day after surgery

1 day after surgery

Joy: The next morning we got a call from the doctor saying she could come home. He said she was a very resilient dog and her recovery was looking bright. I was all smiles in the studio that day and could not wait to get her back in my arms.

When we got the VSC we had no idea what she would look like, how she would feel and if she could walk. When the nurse came in with my baby, the tears started to flood and I felt like my child was going to make it. WATCH VIDEO

 One week after surgery

One week after surgery

Recovery: The recovery process has not been easy, however I believe this is prepping us for something bigger. Through these baby steps, our family has learned how to lean on each other in times of crisis, release what we can not change and hope for the best. Puffy is starting to walk again WATCH VIDEO and working on making a full recovery.

Her close call has reminded me that tomorrow is not guaranteed and when we leave this earth, what's left is our legacy. I think our animals teach us lessons daily and here are some amazing ones I have learned from Puffy.

1. Always see the best in people

2. Don't be afraid to get personal

3. It's okay to be protective

4. Never misses a meal

5. Gives unconditional love daily

I hope this very "real" blog post gives you some hope. No matter what you are going through, take notes and learn some lessons. Be thankful for today and be better for tomorrow.