Party In The U.S.A.

Photo By: Kristina Gaines Photography

Photo By: Kristina Gaines Photography

Red, white and blue with stars & stripes. The American Flag is a image of hope, respect and the overall symbol of our beautiful country.  To me it is the true example of freedom!

Thanks to our armed forces we are able to live in a country where we can successfully live our lives and obtain our aspirations.  As an individual  I have always had an immense respect and appreciation for our troops, but it wasn't until this year that I was lucky enough to personally  know and actually become related to a very special individual who is serving our country.  

Two weeks ago my little sister married the love of her life, who happens to also be a Navy Officer.  The love and new-found respect we all discovered to being personally linked to the Navy was truly amazing. I've realized to appreciate the time we are blessed to have with each other and not to take our freedom for granted. They had a military wedding (picture above) and we all celebrate their love. It was a true honor to serve as their Matron Of Honor!

A couple of years ago The Whitney Reynolds Show premiered a special tribute to the armed forces called "Salute The Troops" WATCH HERE.  Taking place at Navy Pier the episode featured individuals who have served our country as well as others who have some sort of personal tie to the forces.

This year on July 4th I will be hosting the Evanston parade.  This is my second year to host this parade on ECTV and I am beyond excited to see everyone decked out in their patriotic outfits.  This will be a fun day of hosting, spreading awareness of our show, and paying my respect to the people that risk their lives in order to save others. 

This holiday is a time to spend with our loved ones and pay tribute to our incredible country and those whose job it is to serve and protect. Make sure to watch The Whitney Reynolds Show as we discuss more topics such as this with brand new guests!  You can catch us on WQPT on Wednesday's at 2pm and Sunday's at 4pm, as well on WYCC on Saturday's at 4pm. 

God Bless America!