Sending Myself To "TIMEOUT"

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With the mounting stressors in our personal and professional lives, it's great to be able to take time, step back from our daily labors and enjoy the things we love most. The cast and crew of 'The Whitney Reynolds Show' knows this all too well. Our upcoming fall season took a lot of time and energy to produce. After wrapping on our labor of love, it's time to rejuvenate our energy in order to stay connected with our mission. This coming Monday September 1st, 2014 is a great opportunity to do so.

Labor Day, the federally recognized holiday since 1894, is packed with potential experiences to refresh and recoup from the busy summer season. It is commonly celebrated with barbeques and parades, but I thought I'd offer my twist on how to celebrate.

Here are my tips on celebrating Labor Day Whitney Reynolds style.

Start the day right with what David and I call the "Flapjack Tour." Simply pick out a few happening brunch destinations & try a pancake at each. This can be done in one day or a continual pursuit throughout the year. Our favorite so far has been Sarkis located in Evanston. (

Once your belly's are full, burn some calories by taking your cute little pup to a dog beach. Puffy Doo loves these special trips. It is a nice way to soak in the few remaining days of summer. (

By the time your done running your handsome hound around, take in lunch with a picnic packed by Sals Deli. ( This Chicago Deli offers premium options at reasonable prices. They deliver too!

Finally, reconnect with the wonderment of where you live by being a tourist in your own city. This is a great opportunity to explore new sights, sounds and textures that you may have otherwise looked over during the weekday chaos. It is a simple way to remind yourself how blessed you are to be surrounded by such diverse culture.

With these options you can pick a few or make it a list of things to-do. Just remember to take time to breathe. Relax your mind and unwind. Treat yourself with a brief escape from your arduous workweek. By doing so, you will have more focus on the journey ahead.

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whitney reynolds
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