The Brilliance of Your Resilience

CEO Bright Pink- Lindsay Avner

CEO Bright Pink- Lindsay Avner

This season, we have a great roster of highly successful individuals coming on the show. We get serious about early detection with Founder and CEO of Bright Pink Lindsay Avner.  I talk with the world famous Autism Activist Temple Grandin. From CBS "Big Bang Theory" we sizzle our social with Dr. Mayim Bialik. Finally, I tackle sleep apnea with NFL great Roy "Jet Stream" Green.

During my time with them, I was able to extract a commonality towards their success. These men and women are all brilliantly resilient. In the face of obstacles and adversity, they were able to adapt their strategy in order to continue forth to their mission.

I too have relied on my own resilience to obtain my dream of becoming an on-air talk show host. It started with my initial desire at eight years old in a small town in Oklahoma. From there, heading to Baylor for a degree in communications. Then on to NYC working at "Good Morning America."  Finally, I landed in Chicago at NBC where I pitched my first very own talk show.

Throughout, there were periods of strife and economic uncertainty. The odds were against me, but I adapted and leveraged relationships and conveyed my passion so clearly that I was given tremendous opportunity. Still to this day, I utilize my resilience to get through difficult times.

You too can be like these guests by strengthening your resilience. During times of stress and pain, don't allow yourself to become deterred or dissuaded from your end goal. Remind yourself of your purpose. Read biographies of other successful people and renew your motivation. Learn to focus and control your thoughts and emotions to constantly remain functioning. The difference between darkness and light is a shift in perspective.

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