Climb The Mountain & Learn From The Valley

Welcome to 2015. When a new year is approaching I like to take a second and reflect on how far we have come, lessons I've learned and goals for the future. With each new year, I seek joy in the journey, gratitude in my heart and love in my steps (But this wasn't always the case)...

In my early 20's when I started the show, I wanted to be older, wiser and know it all. On my 24th birthday this internal struggle came to a halt. I realized in order to make it to the top of the mountain, I must acknowledge and learn from the valley. It started with baby steps like adding my age to facebook, seeking mentors across the board and surrounding myself with the best team around. I found that being a cheerleader for others felt so much better than being competitive. I learned to listen more and to truly think before I speak. I started trusting my expert team instead of micromanaging and in the process of all this self change it happened.... I found a healthy work/life balance, I had the best team around, I met my soul-mate, gained a weekly time slot on PBS and grew to more markets than I could have imagined.

Understanding where you have come from is a key component to where you are going. Learn from your missteps, acknowledge your reality and seek the joy in your journey!

People love authenticity, be true yourself this year and trust me... The best is yet to come.

Happy New Year! xoxo -Whitney

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