Taking a Moment To Be Thankful

                  Hello everyone! I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving this week! I for one am incredibly excited to eat some amazing food and be surrounded by family. It seems like this season of the year always goes by so fast and sometimes I feel the need to pump the breaks, take a deep breath and soak in all the good that has happened.

                  Our guests on the show this week spoke a lot about their success stories and how they got where they are today. This episode, "Rising To The Top" really strikes a chord with me; I’ve always dreamed about being a talk show host, and here I am doing it! With Thanksgiving coming up, it's the perfect time reflect on EVERYTHING good in our lives. Achieving our dreams and getting where we want to be in life is so huge, but we’re always striving for the next best thing. Sometimes I think we forget to stop and look around at everything we've already accomplished. I think we all need to take moments like that! Learning to be grateful for our past and hopeful for our future is such a great practice! SO TRY IT!!!

              Last but not least I want you to know how thankful I am for all of you. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my viewers; people who truly care about the show and the topics we touch on. In all my years working on the show, I have never stopped feeling incredibly thankful for you guys! I want you all to know that this Thanksgiving, I’ll be thinking about you.

2010 Season 1

2010 Season 1

                  Happy Thanksgiving everyone and ENJOY this Monday's episode "Rising To The Top" on Lakeshore PBS at 6:30 PM.

                  -XOXO Whitney


(PS- Watch an EXTRA clip from this week's show on our YouTube page).

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