Giving Our Four-Legged Friends A Voice

Whitney Reynolds

Earlier this year, my sweet Puffy Doo-Little had a back injury that almost took her life. This would have never been a near death experience if she could have told me what was wrong. During her recovery I got to thinking about the challenges our four-legged friends go through and that's when Cari Meyers came to mind and I knew we must have her on a show.

The Puppy Mill Project

Cari Meyers is that voice for animals and founded the Puppy Mill Project (PMP). For those of you who haven’t heard, the Puppy Mill Project educates the public by spreading the message about puppy mill cruelty and providing age-based interactive lectures and presentations. According to the PMP, Ninety Nine percent (99%) of all pet store puppies are puppy mill puppies. Most people are unaware of this and the Puppy Mill Project is changing that fact. She has worked with legislation and Chicago celebrities to help spread the word. Cari is currently working on "The Puppy Mill Project" book, where she is having celebrities and their pets take pictures. This book will be sold to raise funds for her cause and create more awareness. (YES, Puffy and I will be in the book). There are many ways for our viewers to get involved including several events throughout the year.

The Whitney Reynolds Show

We will also be speaking with Chicago City Clerk Susanna Mendoza, who is a proud supporter of the Puppy Mill Project. Susanna and Cari have been working hard to pass legislation to help our four-legged friends here in Chicago. For more information on their journey check out this article- (

Chicago City Clerk Susanna Mendoza

Chicago City Clerk Susanna Mendoza

We have doctors in the studio too from Veterinary Specialty Center. Dr. Melissa Pales and Dr. Brett Grossman, will be speaking with us about the dangers of buying dogs from puppy mills. From long term health issues to common illnesses, they’ll show us why buying a puppy mill dog can lead to heartbreak no pet owner should be forced to deal with.

Finally I just have to say, one word: Adoption! Adoption, adoption, adoption. There are so many furry friends stuck in shelters every single day that have been abandoned by or taken from their owners. And guess what? You can help them! Just because a dog isn’t a puppy doesn’t mean they’ll love you any less. All they want is a home to call their own with a loving family.

Big thanks to everyone who came on the show and who speak up for our friends/family who don't have a voice! Remember to tune in Monday nights at 6:30 PM and Sunday morning at 10:30 to Lakeshore PBS [Comcast 239/ RCN 4/ Dish, Direct, AT&T 56]. Have a great week y'all!