Unique Talents- Following Your Dreams

How many music prodigies, acrobatic tumblers or human suction cups do you know? This week on the Whitney Reynolds Show we are highlighting special and unique talents.

We meet Chris Errera, a musician, composer and motivational speaker who defies his rare growth disorder known as diastrophic dysplasia. Since learning piano at the age of 3 Chris has studied under Grammy nominee Robert Ian Winston, and even performed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics with the band Sine. Learn how Chris helps families and their children born with disabilities and how he defies every challenge thrown his way.

Whitney Reynolds

We also have Secretary of State, Jesse White and The Jesse White Tumblers. A staple to Chicago culture, founded in 1959, these tumbling acrobats are known for their frequent half-time performances for the NBA, NFL and MLB. Created by Jesse White, the team now involves over 10,000 children aged 6 and up.

Then we learn about Handicap This, the dynamic duo who motivates and inspires audiences, while raising awareness about people living with a physical disability. Started by Mark Berkson and Tim Wambach they created "The Keep On Keeping On Foundation" to help families meet the costs of living with a child with cerebral palsy. Suffering from the disability him-self, Mark Berkson understands the limitations it has on his life, but that has not stopped him from helping others. Their two-man show “Handicap This!” premiered in 2010, and Mark and Tim have been telling their story nationwide ever since.

Whitney Reynolds

Last but not least we have Jamie Keeton, who found his unique talent by accident. He is on the show to explain how a chain of unbelievable events has now led to his full-time career. He's known as "Can Head" and you won't believe his talent.

Whitney Reynolds

This week's show is an inspiration for anyone looking to follow their dreams. Our amazing guests are showing the world that there is no limitations when it comes to talent. Be sure to tune in October 24th at 6:30 on Lakeshore Public Television.