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The Whitney Reynolds Show is an Emmy Nominated, topic based television program. We aim to make a difference, educate and inspire change through each show!


Read the latest from Whitney's blog. Her motto: "Love is a lifestyle. Love what you do and do what you love!" Find out how she manages work and life while running a talk show and being a newlywed.




Adding Two More to The Team!

Whitney Reynolds

WE ARE ADDING TO THE TEAM - and this time it's internally. Being a Talk Show Host it's hard for me to keep my mouth shut. We have kept this news on lock down since mid December and I must say this has been a difficult task. Now that we are out of the first trimester we had to share the news - WE ARE PREGNANT.... WITH TWINS!

TWINS - Yes, we were just as shocked. Growing up I was surrounded by twins on both of my parent's sides (3 sets to be exact). We found out we were pregnant pretty early on and according to several blogs this could have been because the hormone level with twins is stronger. Going into our first ultrasound we were just hoping for a strong heartbeat and then we were told, "there's two!" 

DUE DATE - My Twinspirations (follow us on Instagram) are due in early August and WE CAN'T WAIT! Coming up on April 30th we will be taping a live studio audience show on "Parenting." Tickets will be given out for the audience at our April 2nd Gala. We hope to see you at both!

PARENTING 101 - Please give us your parenting tips because trust us, we need your help! TWEET @WhitneyReynolds. Thanks in advance for all your love and support. The best truly is yet to come! Don't forget to hashtag #VolvoFamily.

OUTTAKES- Get the full story in video form HERE! (

Whitney Reynolds