Kicking Off Season 6 with Sex Trafficking

It is such an honor to be entering another season. It's hard to believe this is our 6th season on PBS. We start airing here in Chicago, Monday April 25th on Lakeshore PBS at 6:30 PM and in our second market on WQPT, The Quad Cities in June.

Since we launched on PBS back in 2013 we have been a show dedicated to provoking positive change through tough topics. We want to talk about issues that other programs don't talk about or stay away from. The truth is each topic we present is a real issue that you or someone you know has or will go through. Even though it can be tough to hear, we always leave the viewers with hope and solutions.

With that being said, we are kicking off Season 6 with "Sex Trafficking."  This topic might seem out there for you, but what would you think if I told you, this could be happening in your own backyard. The truth is- Sex Trafficking is happening everywhere and it's time you know the facts.

whitney reynolds

Commander William Leen with The Cook County Sheriff's Police Department (picture above) explains the different forms it comes in. He also informs us on how social media is changing the scope of this crime.

Our lineup includes Pilar Dunning with "The Salvation Army's Stop It" Program, Caleb Probst with CAASE and Chris Baker from Ink 180. Every guests has a unique story that I can't wait for you to hear. Sex Trafficking comes in many forms and it's time we know how we can help stop this issue.

If you or someone you know is dealing with this issue CLICK THE CONTACT US PAGE and we will connect you with people to help.

Don't forget to watch EVERY Monday night on Lakeshore PBS at 6:30. Our season includes-

  • Sex Trafficking
  • Life and Laughter
  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Open Adoption
  • Coaching Off The Court
  • Following You Intuition