Parenting 101, a show that became a must after becoming a new mom myself. Everyday as a parent is a new lesson, every month brings a new learning curve and every year somehow brings more joy!

Meet my twins: Marlowe and Acher (PHOTO CREDIT: Simply Suzy)

Meet my twins: Marlowe and Acher (PHOTO CREDIT: Simply Suzy)

Parenting is a big topic and there are many ways we could have taken it. Here is what's coming up on this week's show:

Whitney Reynolds

Topic: Parenting 101


Elizabeth Diffin- Expert, Chicago Parent Magazine

Graig Mason and Mya- Talking Parenting as a Gay Family

Jovan Adepo and Stephen McKinley Henderson- Actors from the movie Fences explaining family dynamics. 

Sylvia Freedman- Author, Raising You Kids To the Stars They Are. How astrology can play a part in raising your kids.

VV- Question:

What are the tricks of the trade when it comes to parenting?

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