FALL PREMIER: Success With Confidence

Hey there TWRS friends and family! I extremely excited to bring you new amazing topics. As you know we are a show on a mission. Each week we highlight issues that must be heard. Anything from medical miracles, stories of overcoming, and more. We feature tough topics in hopes to create positive change.

We are kicking this season off with a show that will give you some pep in your step! We are talking CONFIDENCE! This is an issue that believe it or not I personally struggled with. Confidence is a word that means different things to different people. For me, I always knew I would be a talk show host and talking on TV always came naturally, but speaking to a group of people was difficult. I had to gain confidence in this area in order conquer my fear. I went the route of booking as many speaking events as possible until I was confident talking to any group. I think if we all look inward we will find there are areas, we can improve on when it comes to confidence.

Whitney Reynolds


On the show we have a guest that was at one of the lowest points of her life when she got help from an organization that changed her whole mindset. She went from struggling to finding success with confidence. Her story is a real life of example how a little help can go a long way. Here's an overview of what's coming up:


Success With Confidence


  1. Wendy Wilkins and Robin Taylor- Dress For Success

  2. Ethan Swanson- American Ninja Warrior Contestant

  3. Lizzy Dances- Instagram Star

  4. July Carbray- Confidence Expert

VV- Question:

What does confidence look like to you?

Remember you can always weigh in on the topic and if you do it early enough, you just might be seen on TV. Make sure to tweet your video to @whitneyreynolds or #TWRSconfidence. We this show helps you grow when it comes to confidence. We wish you continued success! See you next Monday!

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