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The Whitney Reynolds Show is an Emmy Nominated, topic based television program. We aim to make a difference, educate and inspire change through each show!


Read the latest from Whitney's blog. Her motto: "Love is a lifestyle. Love what you do and do what you love!" Find out how she manages work and life while running a talk show and being a newlywed.




How Do We Actually End Hunger

Whitney Reynolds

HUNGER, how is this still a problem in 2018? For hundreds of years we've been trying to solve this issue, yet where are we truly at with this epidemic? As we were investigating this topic, I was shocked that it's not only a MAJOR ISSUE taking lives, but it's also happening here at home in the United States.

On the show you'll see the faces that hunger is impacting and organizations who are being bold with their approach to end this problem. Also PRO GOLFER Jason Day is on and shares what he's doing to make sure bellies are full in Ohio!

 TUNE IN and hear this real life story of hunger and survival.

TUNE IN and hear this real life story of hunger and survival.


What can you do to help? How do we end this issue? Can more be done? YES and together we will discover what we ALL CAN DO and join the mission to end hunger once and for all.

TUNE IN: Chicagoland tune in Monday, May 7th at 6:30 on Lakeshore PBS. Thursday at 7:30 PM, WQPT, PBS The Quad Cities and EVERWHERE May 11th,