Reflection- This is Three

I am in one of those complete nostalgic moods. THREE YEARS how can this be? Well with this refection it came with huge amount of gratitude and inspiration. So, I must share!

Three years and a few days ago I was in the worse pain and was so ready to meet these babies. I had issues towards the end of my pregnancy and ended up in and out of the hospital. I remember so clearly my desire (and the doctors) to hold them full term, but my body felt other wise. I kept repeating that through this pain was going to come something so beautiful. AND IT DID!

On July 29, 2016 we welcome Marlowe and Acher! I want to remind you, no matter what season you are in, the best is ALWAYS yet come! Stay course and get ready.

PS- Highlights from our celebration are below! XO -Whit

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My TIKI TWINS turn 3!!!!

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