Cooking In Lakeview


This was the first time I've had TV cameras in my house and the third time I've set fire in my kitchen. We welcomed Celebrity Chef Judson Todd Allen to my Lakeview home to teach us how to cook healthy for our upcoming Diabetes show.

Why Judson: Born and raised in the Chatham Community of Chicago, Illinois, Judson Todd Allen was introduced to flavorful foods at a very young age. His grandfather, who he was named after, ignited this insatiable thirst of “all things food” in him. Growing up in Louisiana, Judson’s grandfather’s Creole traditions and style of cooking influenced his culinary point of view today. Judson  struggled with weight for a large part of his life and experienced a significant 70 plus pound weight gain during his college years. With the convenience of drive-thru windows and the abundance of “all you can eat” dorm food, Judson’s love for food was not only evident in his passion for cooking but also eating. After graduation, he decided it was time to apply his advanced knowledge in food science and nutrition and thus began his personal journey toward adopting a healthy lifestyle change. With a palate that craved flavorful cuisine, Judson created recipes that highlighted his favorite foods infusing them with a healthier twist, all while providing an eating experience. Over a 2-year period, he was able to loose over 100 pounds, dispelling the myth that healthy food is boring and unpalatable. Judson was able to bring life, creativity and flavor to healthy cuisine and began introducing this concept to others.

On the show Judson is cooking his healthy flavorful version of "chicken chili." Even though we did see smoke it the kitchen it was not Judsons or my fault... just an old blender.  Make sure to watch The Whitney Reynolds Show's Diabetes special in May on WYCC.

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