Giving Back And Giving Thanks

Whitney Reynolds

Hey everyone!

This past week we found that our Autism special that aired on WQPT in The Quad Cities, helped increase support to a local organization! This amazing news made me want to further discuss my thoughts on giving back and helping those in need.

I am a huge proponent of charitable deeds. When I can, I volunteer my efforts towards enriching various causes. The more you give the more you receive. Volunteering time to a great cause is empowering because it is a small way we personally can assist in profound change. If time is a limited resource and you have the financial means, donating is equally beneficial. After all, many organization operate on a mix of grants and individual contributions.

On October 17th, I'm emceeing Reach Out Community Center's annual gala. I have been heavily involved with this organization for the last year. ROCC's goal is to help Chicago's youth ages 7 to 17 on the west side by offering skill based programs that develop, educational and life goals. It is an amazing initiative that has a direct impact on nurturing change throughout their community. Be sure to check them out and get your tickets to this event.

I am very excited to help such a wonderful cause. I also am so grateful for the premiere of our fall season on PBS Channel WYCC. Follow our updates on Facebook. Engage with me on Twitter @W3Whitney. Then pin us on Pinterest. It's going to be an incredible season with so many great topics and guests.

Enjoy your week,