The Count Down Is On

Whitney Reynolds

Hey there!

I'm so excited to be posting this week from New York! The Big Apple is exhilarating the way it exudes power, sexiness, and economic prosperity. All three of which I address on the Fall Premiere as I explore Women Entrepreneurs on October 4th!

I sit down with actress and author Marlo Thomas. I get to chat with friend Jordan from Kiss FM about my segment on his show called "Whitney's Women." Then I get serious, talking business with three female founder and CEOs. It is sure to be as empowering as it is informative.

In anticipation, I wanted to take the time to profile one female entrepreneur who made things happen this summer in the world of swimwear. Ottorina, a designer local to Chicago, released a fabulous line of women's swim wear. The owner Tina has always loved fashion and finally after 30+ years of dreaming about starting this company, she finally did it! More information can be found at the link below. (

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