Tell Fear To Take A Hike

This week's show is all about fear. Sure we have different thoughts that scare us, but how do we overcome the one's that grip our every move. Our guests open up about their real battles and how are trying to get through them.

Whitney Reynolds

Before we dive into our topic, I wanted to share some fears in my own life. You see this topic is extremely real and something I believe we all battle with. When I first moved to Chicago, I didn't know anyone and the job I thought I had landed in TV actually fell through. I was stuck in what I'd call a major "fear" rut. The unknown attacked my nerves and I actually missed out on a lot of exciting things (Like- exploring a new city and enjoying a little time to myself). I would do anything to go back and tell younger Whitney do not be anxious it will all work out. Fear is a funny thing because there's really nothing it adds to and only takes away the joy that each experience can offer. In my life I've worked on telling fear to take a hike and embracing the chaos. Now don't get me wrong, nerves aren't always bad... For example: My first day doing my KISS FM segment (Whitney's Women) I was nervous but I've learned turned those nerves into positive energy! I think if we take a moment and reflect on our own lives we would find fear trying to creep in. Today's guest admit the struggle is real but learning to let go is a powerful thing!

Starting off the show, we have Paul Wallenberg. He’ll be talking to us about a whole array of topics. From the common fear of heights to the highly rated fear of death. He’ll even be discussing how quitting smoking correlates with fear. Additionally we’ll have Life Coach Ellen Burton on the show. Working with people as a life coach she’s had to help out with her share of fears. If fear is something you feel you struggle with in your daily life you’ll want to hear what these two have to say.

Whitney Reynolds

Blogger Nicole Rohr Stephani will be joining us in the studio. She’ll be talking about her battle with her fear of eating. After 3 stints of treatment through her eating disorder she finally reached a place of successful recovery and has dedicated her time to helping other girls with their struggles through her blog Body Boop. Head over to her blog and revel in her amazingness!

Whitney Reynolds


Finally we’ll be talking to Nik Wallenda. Nik is a tight rope walker! I know what you’re thinking: “Oh I’ve seen that before at the circus. What’s the big deal?” Well you’ve never seen anything like this! Nik has taken his high wire walking to incredible heights. Literally! He has walked across incredible places such as the Chicago Skyline and was even the first man to walk Niagra Falls!


Wasn’t that incredible! The greatest part about Nik is that he doesn’t credit his incredible feats to his own talents. He credits all of his success to the work of God. He has dedicated his life to inspiring other through his actions in order to introduce God into their lives. You won’t want to miss hearing him speak!

I’m looking forward to sharing this incredible episode with you all! Make sure to tune in on Monday at 6:30 pm on Lakeshore PBS. To find our show in your market click the CONTACT tab.

I hope you are able to tell your fears to take a hike and live life in the now!