Using Your Platform

It’s not all about tiaras in the pageant world and this week we explore a side of the title holders you don’t always see, the women & their platforms. We sit down with several past and present pageant winners and hear how they are using their status to help others. From autism awareness to anti-bullying, we take a look at these women and the mission they're on.

Ironic timing for this show to air, because this weekend The Whitney Reynolds Show is being recognized at the FAHF Awards as a Humanitarian Honoree. This award is being given to us for the work we do with the show and helping our community through the topics we pick. I always said that if I had the chance to follow my dreams and become a talk show host, we would use this platform to create positive change!

Just like the guests from this week's show, we all have landed in a special place & have a unique way we can help others. I hope this episode motivates you can dig deep and identify the platform you've been given. Watch as our guests explain how we can go about helping others with the voice we have!  I'll see you tonight at 6:30 on Lakeshore PBS.

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Ironic timing for this show to come out because over the weekend, The Whitney Reynolds Show is being reconized a

We first talk with the Executive Director of the Illinois International Pageants, Beverly Turkowski. Her titles include Mrs. Illinois International 2005 and the “Supermodel with Style Award” just to name a few.  She values education and spends her time helping young girls and women on their path to achieving their dreams.


This week we meet several pageant goers including Mrs. Illinois 2016, Nicole Zwiercan. She explains winning her title has helped her spread her message of anti-bullying.




            We also sit down with Miss Teen America winner Lindsey Pearlman and Miss Illinois International winner Jessica Kumpula to discuss their success and accomplishments in their recent pageants. These girls proudly represent Illinois and without their hard work it would not have been possible. Be sure to tune in Monday, November 7th at 6:30 on Lakeshore Public Television.