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The Whitney Reynolds Show is an Emmy Nominated, topic based television program. We aim to make a difference, educate and inspire change through each show!


Read the latest from Whitney's blog. Her motto: "Love is a lifestyle. Love what you do and do what you love!" Find out how she manages work and life while running a talk show and being a newlywed.




Everyday SUPER Heroes

Whitney Reynolds

You don't need X-ray vision or a cape to be a superhero. This week on The Whitney Reynolds Show we salute everyday heroes and discuss their life saving acts.

We first meet James Vernon from Morton, Illinois who saved a group of children from an attacking knife-wielding assailant. James managed to rescue sixteen children visiting the Morton Public Library on October 13, 2015. A man armed with two large knives burst into the room, threatening to kill the children. James, an Army Veteran fought back and subdued the attacker with his bare hands. He explains how his quick thinking helped avoid what could have been a tragedy.

 Eric T. Washington

Eric T. Washington

We then talk with Eric T. Washington who raised over $17,000 in an effort to bring the residents of Flint, Michigan clean water. High levels of lead had previously been found in their drinking water, making it impossible to cook, drink, or bathe with. Through a GoFundMe page, Eric raised awareness and abundant funds for this community but, he didn't stop there. After the success from his fundraising, he took six semi trucks filled with water to Flint. He tells us how his job as a firefighter helped fuel the mission to help the people of Flint.

Our next hero is- Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis, a first grade teacher who saved her entire class during the devastating attack that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. While the massacre was occurring on the other side of her classroom wall, Kaitlin piled her students into a single occupancy bathroom. Despite the unimaginably painful experiences she endured, she has chosen to share her experience with others, in hope that that they too can find light in dark moments.

 Dr. Justin Levisay

Dr. Justin Levisay

Doctors are who we run to when we are injured or sick but that was not the case when Dr. Justin Levisay. He happened to be in the right place at the right time. Being a doctor from Evanston Hospital who specializes in cardiology, Dr. Levisay knew exactly what to do when a nearby restaurant goer had a heart attack. He was quick to assist the victim and managed to save her life. Just wait until you here this story!

Last but not least we have a cancer survivor who is blazing the trail for patients that go after her. Amy Lyons opens up about the type of cancer she has and how her journey is helping other patients. You will be in awe of her fight for herself and others.

We owe it to our everyday heroes who are brave enough to intervene in life threatening situations. The courage these guests have is amazing & must be shared! Be sure to tune in Monday, October 31st at 6:30 PM on Lakeshore Public Television to hear these amazing stories.