Taking the Plunge

My partner was Jordan from 103.5 KissFM

My partner was Jordan from 103.5 KissFM

            It was a windy overcast day on May 4th, when I was set to rappel off the side of the Wit Hotel in the heart of downtown Chicago.  It was for an amazing cause (Respiratory Health Association) and also bragging rights, the one problem was getting over my fear for heights.  My practice run did not go as well as planned, but I knew with all the friendly faces around me everything was going to be great.

            When I stepped off the ledge and looked down 27 floors, I got scared and started to shake. The wind picked up but the adrenaline rush and support of the positive people around helped me feel courageous.  In many ways, this event was similar to the battle of lung disease.  Times can be scary and you can be unsure of the outcome, but with the support of the ones you love, the tough times seem possible to endure.

            Join Skyline Plunge Chicago as they host another rappel adventure September 7th!  Visit skylineplunge.org to get receive more information.  Together we are dedicated to make a difference but they need your help in order to do so!

Whitney Reynolds