Discussing Autism, Saturday on WYCC

whitney reynolds heiner

According to autismspeaks.org: Autism, the fastest-growing serious developmental disability, affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys, and those figures are continuing to grow.

Let’s educate and learn how we can help!  Join us this Saturday as we sit down and talk to Julie Obradovic and WGN Radio Host Patti Vasquez, both mothers who have dealt with autism first hand.

We will see how autism is accommodated in the Chicago school system and talk to the teachers that are the everyday heroes in the classroom.

Finally, we talk to Tom Dempsey, the program administrator for Have Dreams.  Tom tells us about the organization and what they are doing to help fight autism.

Join us this Saturday as we discuss ways that you can help in the fight against autism and how to spread awareness, because we are dedicated to make a difference but we need your help too!