New Month, New Season, New Beginnings & Nashville

New season starts October 18th

New season starts October 18th

Hey Y'all! This week 'The Whitney Reynolds' Show' headed down to Nashville! In order to get southern comfortable, I put my boots on and got to work. With the start of a new month, our new fall season and new opportunities of expanding markets I wanted to take a moment to give insight on approaching change and starting new beginnings.

Growth, whether personal or professional, can be nerve wracking. It requires us to step out of what's comfortable and into the unknown. This amount of uncertainty creates a state of vulnerability that some may find difficult living in. But, this anxiety  ultimately dissipates because once we stretch ourselves, we  begin to expand our existing capabilities, develop new skill-sets and learn the true power of our mind. I have gone through this process over and over in my life.

Most recently it occurred in 2012. I was looking for a new network for my talk show. PBS was interested but the offer came with specific stipulations. If we wanted a summer series run, the pilot had to bring in numbers. The pressure was on.

So, we went back to drawing boards. We decided NOT ONLY to rename the show but start fresh with a new format. There was risk. People who knew my previous work might have disregarded the new focus. I had to remain faithful to my intuition.

The gamble paid off. The numbers came in and we had made it. We secured a regular time slot while learning new skills in the process. The most important being rigid determination. By solidifying our mission we were able to have a definitive purpose. Along the journey we also learned how to creatively market on a budget and remain teachable.

When I look back I realize what an incredible path it has been. Opportunities keep presenting themselves and I keep expanding my possibilities. It's never to late to change. Through clarity and drive, your innermost goals are achievable.

Be sure to pursue your own new beginnings this fall and continue to follow ours. Stay updates with upcoming episodes and other insight on Twitter @w3whitney. Share our story and yours on Pinterest. And remember, only you get to choose who you want to become.

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