A Life Story, Surviving The Holocaust

Whitney Reynolds

Hello Everybody! We have a special episode coming up this Monday. It’s going to be a powerful and touching show that you won’t want to miss! Every season we do a show title "A Life Story" where we take an entire episode and look at someone's life. This episode is extremely powerful and is a story that must be told, heard and passed down. We are talking, surviving the holocaust with Estelle Laughlin.

Let me give a little background on Estelle for those who don’t know who she is. Miss Laughlin is a child survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto, the uprising, and concentration camps. She immigrated to America when she was just eighteen years old. But the extent of her perseverance doesn’t stop there. With only three years of public education she went on to earn her master’s degree in education. After a long career of teaching in Maryland she retired. However she still makes it a point to lecture all over the country about her experiences. This lead to the release of her book Transcending Darkness: A Girl’s Journey Out of the Holocaust.

Her story of survival left me with chills throughout the interview. She explains her steps to forgiveness, moving forward and why it's important for her story to continue to be heard. We are so very excited to have her on the show. Her bravery and heart is an inspiration to us all.

We will also be speaking with Arielle Weininger who is the curator down at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. This museum is dedicated to celebrating and remembering the lives that were lost in this tragic point in history.

Not only does this museum remember those lost, it also educates people with lessons that combat hatred, prejudice and indifference. The exhibitions work both to giving a proper homage to the poor souls who lost their lives and promoting human rights in an effort to make sure that nothing this horrific ever happens again amongst humanity.

Be sure to catch this episode on Monday night at 6:30! [COMCAST 239/ RCN 4/ Dish, Direct, AT&T 56] And remember we all have a story inside of us and TODAY we are writing tomorrows memories.